Dad misses everybody and when he is feeling better, he just wants to stop by and say hi.
Maria, daughter of former rehabilitation patient
I appreciated the fact that my husband could eat lunch with me in the very nice setting of the dining room.
Irene, former rehabilitation patient
I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to everyone at Frederick Villa for the wonderful care you provide for my wife, Muriel. I can always come to see her and know she has had the best of care, and that those caring for her really do CARE. Your staff are all very professional and courteous at all times. That means a lot and I always know when I am leaving her for the night that she will be comfortable and safe. I realize that there are times when things don’t go the way we want them to, but I take that into account when something goes a little awry and just chalk it up to chance. Muriel and I both have a good time interacting with the staff and we like to make them laugh when we can because they deserve a little break now and then. We want to wish you all the very best holiday season possible and that you all have a happy and healthy new year. Please enjoy the cookies and ribbon candy with our heartfelt thanks for your dedication to your work and care of all of the patients at Frederick Villa.
I wanted to share with you some thoughts about our visit to Frederick Villa on Saturday. We were so impressed with every staff member we met. Nurses, aides, dining room staff, as well as others I’m not sure where they were assigned – [they] were so friendly, helpful and made us feel so welcome. I have heard many horror stories about skilled nursing facilities, but I can honestly say Frederick Villa is the exception. Count me very impressed. You obviously run a tight ship – your employees represent you well. I told Steve that he is very fortunate to be surrounded by such caring people who obviously love what they do.
Health care facilities are a very scary place for those who need care. The problem becomes worse when the caregivers neglect the patients and do not provide the care that is required. My family experienced seemingly negligent care where my mother had acquired bed sores, which had reached stage three. As a result, she had to be moved to receive adequate care.

We were told about the excellent care provided at Frederick Villa. We scheduled an appointment to see the facility and were pleased with the hospitality, the warm greeting and the acceptance that was provided to us and my mother. Unfortunately this type of care seems to be rare as I have experienced in placing my mother in four other facilities. Frederick Villa provided us with the care my mother needed and as a result, we appreciate all of the hard and diligent work that was provided to my mother and my family. All of the staff members that we interacted with were very professional, caring and seemed to give ‘due diligence’ in providing care to my mother. The staff also listened when family members had suggestions on the type of care that my mother needed. As a result, I would like to thank the staff at Frederick Villa Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for their unwavering care that was provided to the end for my mother and our family.
The communication from the charge nurses and staff when there was a change in my mother’s condition was excellent. The staff was really on top of things.
Bruce, son of former rehabilitation patient
I hope that your services are still available if I become disabled and need assistance. Keep up the good work!
Charlene, daughter of a long-term care resident
Triple A on the therapy department. They did wonders! Overall facility rating: I give an ‘A’!
Oliver, former rehabilitation patient
I gave Frederick Villa and its staff an ‘A’+ on Angie’s List!
Evelyn, daughter of a rehabilitation patient